I went to bed last night knowing Officer Wilson was innocent and Michael Brown supporters would riot. They upended business, torched cars and trashed public property in expression of their anger. Sadly, this behaviour was all but accepted as normal. The President denounced the violence, but aside from meaningless words, the entire country braced for destruction to come.

I awoke to check the various feeds and wasn’t surprised. I prepared for the worst, hoped for the best, but what happened while I slept was dishearteningly expected. Morning brings thoughts without filters and I immediately thought, “Gee, since all these people looted last night, does that mean they’re not shopping Black Friday?”

On the surface my statement is racist, classist, and downright tacky, but then I turn on the news…


As if on cue or plotted by fate, my joke is validated. Have a (not so) Black Friday everyone!

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