No Beauty and the Beast for you!

With the announcement of a live action Beauty and the Beast remake, Disney fans around the globe rejoiced. Hermoine’s next adventure is going to be all the talk of the town, except a small in Henegar Alabama. Their local drive-in will not be showcasing this long awaited feature film.

Disney’s announcement that a minor yet important character is going to have a homosexual background was enough to prevent Hangar Drive-in from playing the movie. As the story is breaking, people are flooding to the Facebook page to let their feelings known. Some are positive,  telling them they are really within their rights. The Washington post even found a gay atheist, Cory Lovins, who supports their decision. However, people like Jake Stoer III just spill anger and forget to see the ugly they are truly showing. They justify it because in their opinion the hatred is directed at something deserving:

You should be ashamed. You should close your theater and go live in the woods where you belong. Hate breeds hate and that’s why people think Southerners are nothing but racist, homophobic white trash. And we’re not – but you’re not making a very good case for us. Why on earth would someone go to a drive in anyways and what do your personal views have to do with a movie? Do you not show movies with sexual innuendo or violence? I’m sure you do. Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. It’s recognized by the federal government. And if you can’t keep your church and your ancient backwards beliefs, which are based on an ancient, baseless religion (supposedly and only at your convenience) then maybe you should move to another country where you wouldn’t have the right to do this in the first place. I wish you nothing but poverty and poor health. Go get your welfare and leave us alone.” 

The location has 167 one star ratings, many of them telling them they are wrong filled with the same hate laced rhetoric. This my friends is bullying, and it’s ugly. 

Wrong they may be, but within their right they absolutely are. Let them not show the movie, but don’t force the business down because you’re angry. Move along, nothing to see here; except the Beast in all of us. 

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