Holiday hiccups

By now we’ve gorged ourselves full, and narrowly escaped the family drama that has come to eclipse the Thanksgiving Holiday. Okay, so maybe not that bad, but every family has its quirk and mine is no exception. Spending several days, or as little as hours with another person can tell you more about them than that will admit to you. Children rapidly clear up any obscurities as they are a reflection of the guardianship.

Children that don’t take direction well from others and direct the actions of their parents are obviously in in control of the home structure. I witnessed this behaviour over the past twenty four hours and it took every fiber of my being to prevent me from losing my¬† top. Meals were all processed(nothing fresh) and never without an electronic device in hand. I finally took a stand at Thanksgiving supper forbidding pods and pads from gracing my dinner table. My choice had an unforeseen consequence, because I flexed my ability to control my home, this child subsequently complained and coerced the parent to cut the visit short. The rest of the family was whisked home in the wake of “tummy aches” and “miss my bed” (a bed that is more often absent as the child sleeps with the guardians).

I need to learn how to look away when improper or misbehavior happens, especially when they’re not my ward. I come from a culture wherein we all help raise when we can, but if we’re not supposed to correct behaviour at request of the parents, what happens when society gets a hold of them? I’m sad because sometimes willful ignorance is bliss, but that’s just not my style. With each frustrating moment, a new gray hair emerges I’m sure, thankfully we only need to see them a few times a year.

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