While Ferguson smolders…

A young man was recently killed by a police officer.

Normally this type of story is hardly a blip on the media’s radar, especially when Detroit has the highest murder and crime rate of almost any other US city.

But this story is different.

A community has risen up to protect a narrative of police overreaction–and now they call for blood.

It started innocent enough, with vigils and prayers for the victim’s family.

That changed under the cover of night.

For days on end, Ferguson Missouri has been awash in looting and wanton destruction after sunset.

Business owners have closed up shop and some have even lost their livelihoods when vandals set their buildings ablaze. This animalistic behaviour is being condoned by some as a consequence of poverty, but regardless of income level, theft is a grave sin.

These shopkeepers pay for inventory and their resulting sales ensure stocked goods and professional services for everyone. These opportunists are quickly destroying their own community, reinforcing prejudices, and eroding any remaining trust with society. As videos come to light that were suppressed by the mantra “snitches get stitches”, the narrative of an innocent black man gunned down by zealous police is evaporating.

We’re learning that this young man wasn’t wholly innocent and the officer did suffer severe injuries that resulted in his use of force.

Unless we were there, no one can be absolutely certain of culpability, however eyewitness accounts and autopsies will help paint an accurate picture.

We rail when the police use all the tools at their disposal, but who will be left to defend the community?

Much like the LA Riots, it will probably fall to the business owners–because the police are painted these days as the bad guy.

They’re damned if they do, and we’re all damned if they don’t.

This is why I feel that we, our homes, and our businesses should always be protected by the Second Amendment.

Looters may not respond to authority, but they sure don’t want to become another statistic either.

Self preservation–sometimes that’s your only hope.


store owners defending their property.  it happened in LA, it can happen in St. Louis

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