There will be order on the floor–when elected officials get violent

What happens when an elected official disrupts proceedings?

That depends on who you are, and who your anger is directed at.

Imagine a senator bursting into the house floor screaming at another politician. Their face so angry and full of rage towards another elected official that it can no longer be satisfied with tongue lashings, so they attack their colleague physically. They take a walking stick and proceed to beat this representative to within an inch of their life because they don’t agree politically.

You don’t have to imagine because this event has happened, on the United States House Floor.

Disruptions happen all the time, maybe not to the extent of physical violence, but even our Presidents have faced disruptions; George W. Bush dodged flying shoes and Barack H. Obama defended lies.

Friday night, State Representative Tom Marino has his weekend plans kicked off with the help Nancy Pelosi.

Why would a sweet old woman be so upset you ask?

Because amid all this immigration brouhaha, the Gentleman from Pennsylvania asked the Minority Leader where her urgency regarding immigration reform was in 2009 & 2010 when she was Speaker; a valid question no doubt.

Marino, much like Sumner, made a very pointed argument and instead of articulating a retort, faced an attack from the other side. Granted, this time it didn’t result into jabs or punches like the Ukrainian Parliament recently, but outbursts need to be quelled, not exacerbated.

When you strike a nerve, the pain is searing and the temptation to stop is ever present, but we press on beyond the pain. The facade of liberalism is cracking and no amount of spackle can cover its lies that hurt. Telling the truth about slavery and it’s horrors put a House representative¬†into a coma, telling the truth about immigration reform leads to finger waving and posturing. Bring on the crazy, there will be order on the floor.


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