Open thought to the Gay community

Hot on the heels of the Gay Marriage decision handed down by the Supreme Court, some LGBTQ celebrations of Pride took on a debaucherous tone, while others were met with high power water cannons and police. Pride is not celebrated everywhere and it’s not always going to be met with acceptance.

It’s humble beginning from the Stonewall days is still seen in places like Istanbul, where the march was dispersed forcibly by local authorities. It’s sad to see oppressed people anywhere, but sadder when you share a familiarly of experiences. The American fabric is changing and people are strangely withdrawing into their like-minded social circles. Those who voice opposing thought are removed and the “winners” gloat.

A Pride celebration in Washington refused entry to pro-open carry LGBT persons, while religious groups in another State faced hostile attendees at their Pride. The gay community is seriously fractured and it refuses to look in the mirror. Like a circuit boy who doesn’t know it’s time to go home before the drugs and party kill him, our community has a lot of growing up to do.

Who am I to tell you how to live your life, I’m no one, but there are realities that we must all face. Outside of your celebratory bubble, or gay city is a big wide world out there. Not everyone is ready to accept you and there are plenty who would easily overpower, or harm you because we make ourselves outwardly available. Before we are Gay, we are American, and Americans take great care to protect our homes, ourselves, and our country.

Awareness of your surroundings and yourself is imperative. Seeking help is 3 numbers away, but be prepared to take action if your life is in danger. By encouraging victim hood we are weakening ourselves and by closing ourselves off to the rest of the world and others not 100% like us in physique, politics, or lifestyle, we’re no better than the world we’re running from. Bad guys looks for simple targets and the greatest equaliser is a weapon, mine is the mind, and my gun, armed gays don’t get bashed, armed women don’t get raped, and armed homes are avoided. Predators don’t like to risk their lives and I’m not one to make myself easy prey; even at 5’3″. Opening up yourself to the world at large is a beautiful thing, but you’ll never see the ocean from inside the fishbowl.

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