Reason, Season or Lifetime

There’s an old saying that I grew up hearing from my parents. “Friends are in your life, for a reason, a season, or a lifetime;” and Facebook is no exception. Sure we have old high school and college connections, but we also include our social circle of immediate connections to our friends list. Saying what you truly feel behind a screen is a safe form of expression but it takes courage to emulate your digital persona into real life.

I take pride in the fact that I am the same person behind the screen as I am in true life. What you see is what you get; never accept imitations. I’m snarky, pointed, and alway unfiltered, but that doesn’t make me uncaring, hateful or deliberately mean, it makes me human. I make a point to never allow prejudices to dictate my actions and treat everyone fairly, however all of us need to guard against those who would abuse kindness, or mistake it for weakness.

Yesterday I was “unfriended” by a contact and in true Mario form triggered a snippy retort.

” Sometimes getting unfriended on Facebook is magical, sometimes it’s unexpected. Know that I only approve friend requests once, and I don’t grovel, neither should you.

Enter the door of friendship, or leave through the door of friendship, but don’t stand in the doorway because now you’re just in the way.”

While I would normally care little for the loss of a Facebook friend, this friend, I feel, had no logical reason for removing themselves from my page. I’ll admit to having friends who post annoyances and fluff, but if I feel strongly enough, I’ll suppress their feed as opposed to terminating the connection. This individual followed up my snark with a retort of their own, it’s attached below.


Thank you “friend” for exhibiting the intolerance that I strive everyday to challenge. You could have simply hidden my feed, but I guess pretending that I don’t exist is easier. Thank you for showing the world that my personal views are enough of an issue for you that you wouldn’t want to be my friend.

I’ve always wanted the best for you, as I do all my friends, but my olive branch either wasn’t fruitful enough for you, or you saw thorns where none existed.

One thought on “Reason, Season or Lifetime

  1. I love you and think highly of you. Honesty is the best policy. Minor annoyances are hardly a reason to terminate a friendship. Regardless, I’m glad to be your friend.

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