How North Korea lost the Sony war

Issues divide Republicans and Democrats today much like this important geological parallel divided a once unified country. However, today we are united against a movie studio who decided not to release a satirical film depicting the attempted assassination of a communist dictator. My friend Cindi put it so simply, “This Sony terrorist hacker situation is one of the only issues where the right and left are in agreement.” Amen gurl!

Sony Pictures was hacked and threatened into kowtowing to a communist dictatorship. Unfortunately I hate to burst the proverbial bubble, they’re a private company. We can be upset that it’s not being shown, however,  we all know someone is going to get a hold of the movie and distribute it somehow. We’re American, we’ve gone to the moon, a movie is a simple task; just wait.

North Korea must have found some real dirt in Sony Pictures’ hard drives, because as a social first. It’s teaching everyone an important lesson, guard your secrets and erase your old crap(unless you legally can’t); It’ll come back to haunt you. Truthfully, if you’re not rolling around in dirt, you won’t have anything to worry about, that’s the real truth about this whole ordeal. Saying ugly things is neither gentlemanly or lady-like, and it’s definitely not appropriate in a professional atmosphere. Sony executives are going to have plenty of explaining to do, but for now I can enjoy the collective outrage of Americans at everything above the 38th parallel. Ooooh Rah!

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